“...The physical and biochemical investigations of a new class of iron-sulfur proteins that contain a CDGSH iron sulfur binding domain.”
University of California, San Diego

Mark Paddock, Ph.D University of California, San Diego

Interaction with the Mobile Electron Carrier, Cytochrome c2

The intraprotein electron transfer between the mobile water soluble cytochrome c2 and the membrane bound RC was investigated in a series of papers. Having the docked structure available guided site-directed mutagenesis to investigate intraprotein H-bonds, cation-pi interactions, complementary charge interactions and hydrophobic interactions on both docking and electron transfer. In summary, the results are consistent with a model in which the electrostatic interactions steer the surfaces into the proper juxtaposition and short range interactions retain the cyt c long enough for electron transfer to occur prior to dissociation. (More details are available in the publication list.)