“...The physical and biochemical investigations of a new class of iron-sulfur proteins that contain a CDGSH iron sulfur binding domain.”
University of California, San Diego

Mark Paddock, Ph.D University of California, San Diego

Summary: Obtained Ph.D. in physics (biophysics) and have twenty additional years of academic teaching and research experience. Currently hold a full time Lecturer position in the Department of Physics at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Have taught over 3,000 students at UCSD, predominantly in the Physics 1 series, with great success and consistently favorable student evaluations. Utilize iClicker technology to engage students in lecture to encourage think pair share strategies and receive immediate feedback for problem solving strategy. Introduced online technology WebAssign and Mastering Physics for pre-lecture and homework assignments to encourage student participation and responsibility. Developed new demonstrations to engage students in physics 1 and physics 2 lecture and laboratory courses. Currently recording a set for Physics 1A. Have made changes to the Physics 1A content, working with faculty involved in teaching other sections of the Physics 1 series to promote continuity and consistency for the students. I am also currently contracted to assist with the revised edition of Serway and Jewett which has been the Physics 1 textbook for many years. Developed core course on Genetics and Physiology of Photosynthetic Microorganisms for the Biofuels Science Technician Certificate Program, part of the EDGE (Educating and Developing workers for the Green Economy) initiative. Supervised students and postdocs on projects and initiated international collaborations in UCSD research laboratories in physics, chemistry and biology. Have used this portal to connect undergraduate and underrepresented students to direct hands-on research at UCSD.

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